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Seeking Future Differently

Soha holding is an international group including 6 different commercial and engineering companies established in United Arabic Emirates. Since the beginning, our intention has been to develop our capabilities and potentials and working on the joint field of engineering and commercial.  So as we have had lots of engineering projects for 12 years and simultaneously we have also tried to procure and support engineering projects necessities. To achieve our aim, we expanded our companies branches to Russia, South Africa and China to make an assured and constant access to worldwide engineering services and goods procurement.


Since our establishment, Soha has a wide range of high-quality services to deal with these trends, giving us excellent prospects for balanced growth. During over 12 years of experience, Soha Expertise is gained in Infrastructural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Residential Engineering and Architectural Engineering.

Commerce and Trade

Soha Commerce Group is a leading exporter, importer, wholesale distributor and trader of commodity goods to manufacturers, retailers and operators across Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Establishing successful relationships with producers, farmers, packers, brokers, and manufactures across the globe. Conducting facility visit on annual basis to ensure that highest quality standards are met. Placing Purchase Orders, Monitoring the production or procurement process, expediting the activities to improve progress based on time schedule of contracts.


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